Yesterday was 13 years since the unexpected death of Big Pun.

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As some of you might know yesterday was 13 years since the unexpected death of the legendary Big Pun. So I decided to gather some of my favourite moments of Pun’s music, life and career.

Featuring Triple SeisFat Joe & Prospect ‘Brave In The Heart’ will always remain as my all time favourite Big Pun track. Released on “Endangered Species” in 2001 following his death in February 2000.

Big Pun laying back while getting a shave at the Barbour Shop gets a call from Snoop Dogg “Yo Big Pun looks like you got a snitch in ya can, ya hear me”…priceless. And one of the most epic verses of all time “Dead in the middle of little italy little did we know that we riddled some middleman who didnt do diddily”. 

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I can’t count the amount of time I have seen this interview. Big Pun’s unmistakable nasal voice and charismatic persona comes through so vividly in this BET interview. Shot just before the release of “Capital Punishment”.

Big Pun’s freestyle on Hot 97.

Definitely on of Pun’s more commercial tracks nevertheless his display of rhyming flow is on another level, specially in the first verse. “It’s So Hard” is the first single from his 2000 second album Yeeeah Baby. It was featuring singer Donell Jones and produced by Younglord. And this verse “You can catch me in the cherry red one-fifty, Got the grizzy locked in the stizzy. Pop the clizzy goin sixty down a one-wizzy”

And to round it all up we can forget about “Capital Punishment”. Quite simply, there is nothing quite as good as thing song. The album received critical acclaim, and Big Pun became the first solo Latino rapper to go Platinum. It was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 1999 Grammy Awards, but lost to Jay-Z‘s Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life, but hey..fuck the grammys. Capital Punishment was the only album released while Pun was actually alive. RIP BIG PUN.

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