Wreckless ‘Sep/Mold Killer’ interview

Wreckless talks about ‘Sep’ and ‘Mold Killer’ out on Violation

W: Recently I have become obsessed with artifacts – little bits of noise and errors- that have some how crept into the desired sound. So I started on a track that utilised and contained mainly sounds that were artifacts of an original.

Take for instance the vocal in the intro: it’s only the reverb and delay signal, you never actually hear the original, just the copy, the echo, the shadows of sound.

Other sounds like the bass were created using feedback loops – very similar to how a guitarist would with the amp and guitar – then running the loops into distortions to create and capture ‘one-off’ sounds that cannot easily be re-created. I will then take these moments in sound, manipulate and arrange them as a spate project. This idea of finding the artifacts in the sounds and separating them to inspire a whole track is the concept of the single. The title of the track was originally Separation.

‘Mold Killer’ is the B side. I just moved out of a flat that had quite moldy walls. I was listening to some of the darkest tracks I own whilst choking on the stench and fumes of industrial strength mold killer.

I wanted to capture the uncomfortable, dark and dank vibes in a track and voilà mold killer was born.

: ‘Mold Killer’ sounds like you got very comfortable in the production dept.

W: To be completely honest the aim was to transport the listener somewhere uncomfortable. I hope it is a track that will grow on people. There are so many tracks super polished and this track isn’t at all, the groove is organic but grim.

Just like mold.

DB: What’s something recently that you’ve read or heard about that made you stop and think?

“Live completely alone for four days
without food
in complete silence, with out much movement.
Sleep as little as necessary,
think as little as possible.

After four days, late at night,
without conversation beforehand
play single sounds.

WITHOUT THINKING what you are playing
close your eyes,
just listen.”

– K Stockhausen

DB: What’s three great D&B things you like lately?

W: Mefjus’ new EP
Marching Cube EP
Elephant March: Proktah (Peer Pressure)

: If you had to form a LIVE band out of diverse musicians and had a decent budget, what would it be like? Any form/genre at all.

W: Scrap metal and other junk, bowed and used as percussion = Me
My missus = Vocals
Necrobia would produce ALL of and ONLY the snares.
Arcaudio would produce ALL of and ONLY the kick drums.
Philth would only produce the sound of him eating chicken to the beat, looped with a loop pedal.
Hyroglics would be the front man of the band and he would use his sleeves regularly as a prop in performances.
Jinx would be in charge of pads. But he would only make the left hand side of the pad.
Styla would be free to make anything but it could only be on the right side of the track and none of the instruments already listed.
My brothers would also be in the band – they would play percussion, beatbox, guitar and DJ.
Bob Macc to master it.
Gareth from War Machine would be our manager.

I think it would be good because of the diversity and the amount of people involved. I would arrange the tracks.

Damian, you would be invited in the band too.

DB: What’s in your head right now?
W: I cannot wait to eat sausage and mash and gravy with caramelised red onions tonight… Boom!

Thanks, what shouts?

Shout out to all my imaginary band members listed above!
Shout out to all my hutters; Midnight Debs, Rodders, Gay Ellis, Big Red One, Kel & Jade.


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