What’s on repeat on my iPod

Time to drop some tunes that are on constant repeat on my iPod. Big hitters, mellow numbers and some inbetweeners.

Killer acid tinged rave from the young Insitubes maestro, Surkin:

White Rose Movement are one of very few bands I actually enjoy listening to over and over. “Love Is A Number” is a classic, rolling track, in my opinion. Love the lyrics on this one.

Grime’s heavy hitters on the Bearman track “Duppy”

Some may say this is a bit too commerical, but Kano drops some sick verses on “P’s and Q’s”

Mister Boratto is a flawless producer on Kompakt and I have great memories of his emphatic set at Plastic People last year with good friend, Fareed. Mr Decay doesn’t disappoint either

Joakim is a man of many talents, and with this track from the Kitsune Maison Compliation Vol 2 he takes his own original and adds some spaced out disco-dub flavour to an already blinding track. More cowbell please, sir!

Sweet vocals, rolling liquid and a track of for the summer nights. Who else, but The Brookes Brothers

Absolutely love The Cunninlynguists and Tonedeff is my favourite MC from the crew

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  • Andy

    White Rose Movement? Eeeek!

  • Knew you’d put a comment in on that. I swear you used to like them…

  • Danny Viborg

    These songs are really ace. Love the JK Dub, the Gui Borrato, and the Brookes Brothers. Good to hear some first-rate d&b is still coming out. “Duppy” is pretty tight too.

    Too bad all the YSI links are dead…at least I could still check out your recommedations on the Hype Machine. Thanks!

  • dr.seiz

    Dude these tracks are sick , and thanx a lot, but the you send it site they have expired.