Warlock & Noyeahno – One Shot On The Black (Exclusive Mixtape for Friedmylittlebrain.com)

Pot black

So we’ve been waiting on this mix since we contacted Warlock and Noyeahno after we saw them tear up Room2 at WANG NYE.

Here we are and what can I say apart from us not wanting to say much apart from this has got us through the day at work, and killed my ears, rewinding back time and time again. This is quite literally, KILLER.

This is what we were expecting and so much more…

We’d like to say a HUGE thanks to Rag n Bone Crew for this utter beast of a mix as they lead you through 1hr and 40mins of wonk, bass, dubstep and any of those genres you just didn’t know what to call. Let’s just say that this is going to be on rotation on the Fried stereo for a LONG time.

Including tracks from Stagga, Raffertie, Kanji Inentic, Excision, Zomby, Squire and Gothos and TONNES of new producers who are cutting the mustard with the Rag n Bone crew, this is one to rinse out on your iPod  (I have to get this correct, honest!), stereo, whatever you feel like caning it on.

Warlock and Noyeahno do a sub.fm show every other week on Weds between 10pm & midnight, archives available from Dubstepforum.com Their next show is on 18th Feb.

The latest track by Canadian producer, Excision, has just been dropped and clips are available on their website and the next release out in March by Welsh dubstep newbie producer Stagga (although he has been making hip hop for years and is involved with British turntabilist group, Optimas Prime) is due soon aswell. Clips available on the Rag n Bone Myspace


ps. photo is by _saturnine and is cc

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