Voima interview


D&B producer Voima is also a speed skater, just back from Sochi (read an article here) and we caught up to talk about the excellent Epiprocta/Apoplexy

DB: Hello Voima, what’s your background in D&B?

V: I got into D&B in 1999. If I remember it right one of my classmates at that time shared two cassettes full with D&B sets recorded form a radio show. Soon after that I started thinking about becoming a DJ. I experimented with sound for many years but didn’t start producing D&B tunes until April 2013.

DB: Your style is very rolling, full of depth, it sounds like it’s built for the floor… do you DJ?

V: I don’t yet but as soon as I’m done with my speed skating season, I will get on reanimating my dj skills. I have received a lot of gig offers lately and thought it’d be an interesting thing, playing my own tunes in front of an audience. I imagine you get the best feedback experience possible… I think it could really help with shaping my style.

I used to have over 300 records in my collection but I sold most of it. I doubt I’ll ever spin vinyl again, although I do admit.

DB: How did you and the mighty Deep Field Audio label meet?

V: Over Soundcloud. I was really happy to get signed by two other labels earlier but this time after checking out the tunes DFA dropped before I knew it’s a big level upgrade for me. They’re really well organised and professional. It’s a great team, with a music philosophy that I share 100% and I’m happy to be on board with them.


DB: You must have a lot of material about then?

V: I am constantly working on some projects… I will continue putting tunes together and hope I’ll get better and better at it, bringing positive emotions and creating interesting experiences for D&B fans all over the world.

DB: Got some shouts?

V: Shout out to the whole Deep Field Audio crew, awesome support and great energy guys! Also, KRYSTΛL for many years of tips and tricks, Voltage Records and Histeria Records for finding me and helping my music get heard. Cheers to all the people that follow and support me! Stay tuned for more fat grooves!

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