Video: Jon Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’

It’s been a little while since my last post, but a few things meant I’ve not had so much time to blog recently. I have, of course, been listening to a lot of new music and one of the most recent additions to the collection is Mr Jon Hopkins.

I find his album, “Immunity”, to be an incredible work of art. As a big fan of layered sounds in my electronic favourites, Jon is able to mix up the glitch with some progressive sounding beats, peppered with snaps and crackles.

It’s great music for me. It’s music to chill to, waiting to fall asleep now at 00:40 on a Sunday. It’s also good to put on the cans when you commute to work on a daily basis and want to trap that boredom, music to smile to.

As ever, the internet moves at such a pace that if you follow a broad range of things it’s near impossible to keep up with. So, somehow the video for ‘Open Eye Signal’ passed me by and it was only today that I found it. The imagery used in this 8 minute masterpiece works on levels, layers if you like. I just spent the last 20 mins watching parts of the screen, based purely on the lighting.

I barely even looked into the journey the boy is taking on his skateboard – it was the light I was watching. As the camera moves around the reflection and glow changes what this song means for me, I found the video to be awesome.

Light. Dark. Shadows and reflections. Simple tools to use, but ones which work incredibly well to compliment the sound. Enjoy!

(I think I’ve found my passion for blogging again). It’s always been about a ‘post positive’ mentality with this site. I definitely feel this track is a positive thing.

Writer/Director: Aoife McArdle
Prod co: Colonel Blimp, Good Company
Executive producer & producer (Colonel Blimp): Tamsin Glasson

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