Video: Invincible + Waajeed: Manufacturing "Detroit Summer" 7" at Archer Record Pressing

Two of Detroits most admirable and highly respected Hip Hop figures Invincible and Waajeed are in the works of releasing ¬†collaborative album together for 2011. Their brand new single can be heard here.The two-song “Detroit Summer” single will drop digitally and as a 7″ vinyl, August 10th on Invincible’s EMERGENCE imprint. Also Pre-Order: Invincible + Waajeed “Detroit Summer” 7″ here. Check out the video at the bottom of what the story was behind this video with a written statement and what went down at the Archer Record Pressing Plant.

Both artists were adamant that in terms of manufacturing, the project should be 100& local to Detroit.¬† Archer has pressed up some of the most noteworthy underground vinyl in Detroit’s storied music history including records from Jay Dee, Proof, Moodyman, Waajeed, Underground Resistance, The Funk Brothers, and many more. When asked if independent artists have a responsibility to indie record stores and vinyl pressing plants, Waajeed + Invincible responded affirmatively: “We’re part of an interdependent network of people who still care about making quality music in direct relationship with listeners.”

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