Vice – 10 Year Party

Last week I was lucky enough (thanks to Vice) to attend their highly anticipated 10 year anniversary party. Taking place at Cable in London Bridge with the mind blowing line up including Toronto’s glitch pop duo Crystal Castles which coincidentally just released there third album, Detroit’s Danny Brown and thrash-metal head bangers Trash Talk plus many more thriving bands and producers in the independent music scene, the scene that matters and personally being a big fan of Vice for their wacky and contemporary journalism I was thrilled to attend the show.

Temperatures were almost below zero standing in the so called ‘red’ queue and hopes were getting down but not to worry we quickly all huddled up as we sipped on some good old Whisky to warm up that we bought from the corner store. Bearing in mind the queue was about 2 meters wide with people jumping in constantly we finally got in…finally. When hosting a party one of the most important factors to always bear in mind is ‘the location’ and Cable was just the right place for it.

Filled up to the last corner were groups of people enjoying their free booze. Yes, free booze. Which needless to say is probably the most crucial way to celebrate something and get people exited no matter what the cause may be. As the night went by and the free booze kept rolling in I found myself speaking to lots of random people ‘Hey so what do you do?’ – ‘Oh my friend works for vice’ – every time. My jacket was loaded with bottles of Grolsch and I was holding 3 whisky and cokes waiting for Danny Brown to hit the stage.

Actress didn’t turn up so a another DJ took over and played some classic trap tunes, perfect openers for Danny Brown. Baauer, TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke, Kanye West and other bangers were simply making people (and myself) go wild to start getting hyped for The Adderall Admiral, Mr. Danny Brown. Finally, he took the stage with what I recall could be a massive cape and his usual toothless crack-head looks. Starting off with ‘Outer Space’ from ‘XXX’ people sang along word by word. It was my first time seeing Danny Brown and being as excited as a little kid unwrapping a Christmas present I rushed to the front and started moshing. I was having a blast.

Heavily influenced by UK Grime the beats were heavy and obnoxious which came together perfectly with Danny Brown’s careless and playful attitude on stage. Constantly smiling and toying with the crazy crowd while DJ and producer SKYWLKR kept to himself on the decks. The highlight of the show – legendary UK grime producer Darq E Freaker came on stage to get wild on there collaboration ‘Blueberry’ (Pills and Cocaine) . A banger of a grime track with the unabashedly carefree chorus  “poppin these pills, sniffin cocaine.” which was sung out load by most of the audience and myself while jumping and smashing my elbows against people.

After hanging around for ages in the packed smoking area and having a good drunken chat with Lee Speilman from Trash Talk we headed over to see that last performance of the night, Crystal Castles. Sadly we got to the stage late and we were only able to catch 1 song. Nevertheless, their performance was distorted and confusing but Im guessing that was just the booze talking. The rigorous Alice Glass dominated, as always.

Soon after the night was winding down, dance floors and bars were getting empty and recalled we had work the next day, it was time to go home. Truthfully, Vice served up a fun night with great performances by relevant artists that I would of easily payed for to go see and of course, lets not forget – free booze. Happy birthday Vice.

Photos by Vice Uk 


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