Variations ‘Be Seeing You’ interview

I caught up with Variations as the Be Seeing You ep on Dub Police approaches.

DB: This EP: three killer, big tracks, the balance is bang on… for someone new to you how would describe what you wanted to do with this sound, to put out there?

V: Thanks man! We’re always trying to make music that hits different buttons based on what we love, so tracks always come out pretty different. We like to blur the lines between subgenres and when it comes to releases we ensure they’re as diverse as they can be.

DB: I have to pause for effect… ‘Ermahgerd’! It’s a Tit Shaker. Can you tell us about this one? This has to do some damage live!

V: It’s a tune designed to make you panic when it drops. More aggressive spinal damage than tit shaking hah!

DB: Speaking of shaking… who’s been supporting you? In whose sets will we hear the Variations?

V: Any rave that includes a Dub Police artist you will hear our music. Caspa’s been supporting across the States. We’ve also had great feedback from people like B.Traits, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, 12th Planet, Doctor P and the Circus crew to name a few. Also some great radio support from XFM’s Eddy Temple-Morris and Benga on Radio 1.

DB: Do you ever switch it live? What sort of tunes/artists do you go for if you do? What styles or genres?

V: We sometimes switch up genres to play tit shakers like Crookers and Dilliga or some faster trappy bits. Sometimes we’ll even throw in some deeper dubbier 170 like Dub Phizix!

Variations Press Image 2014

DB: What’s a studio tip to help you get the creative impulses in full flow? Any tips at all?

V: We like to take regular breaks to keep fresh ears. It helps us know if a tune is flowing right and what needs doing. Also listening to new tracks or artists we like for inspiration helps too.

DB: Gimme some shouts and things we should watch out for, thanks!

V: There are a few special things lined up for this year, which no doubt we’ll catch up with you about soon! We had a nice chap called Tom follow us around for a day when we were mastering this release, so that footage will emerge soon! Shouts to Tilted A/V for that.

We know it’s cliché but a shout to everyone who’s supported us so far! We’re starting to see a nice little Variations community brewing up!

Be Seeing you is out May 26, 2014 on Dub Police

Be Seeing You

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