Variations: Past, Present, Future interview

I caught up once again with Variations as the big comp on Dub Police drops and asked them about their involvement and about their year so far…

V: Our debut EP Thanks For Coming was well received and playing Fabric Room 1 was definitely a highlight. We’ve been hard at work writing new material for both ‘Past Present Future’ and for our next release. Our music will always be influenced by the Balearic Islands so expect some more different angles from us soon!

DB: What specifics have you done this year?
V: We’ve had a couple of special shows including our first appearance on GetDarker TV, taking over Hatcha’s show on Kiss FM and a sick label road-trip to the west country for a Dub Police Bristol Takeover, but to be honest we’ve been concentrating more on time in the studio to keep pushing our production forward.

DB: How has Dubstep – or just THIS MUSIC however one refers to it – has undergone changes from your perspective?
V: It’s strange to us that Dubstep has become a dirty word within electronic music circles. It is what it is and it’s come full circle from our perspective. We’re still proud to be a part of it. It started with roots in garage, dub and a deeper darker sound. Over the last few years it’s hit the mainstream, become more hype and noise focused and the lines between trap and other genres have become blurred. But now we’re seeing loads more deep sounds resurfacing which is really interesting so we’re genuinely excited to see where 2014 takes the genre!

DB: Can you tell us about this big compilation for Dub Police? What the hell is it?
V: Past, Present, Future is exactly that and we’ve been excited about this for a long time. Dub Police has such an extensive back cat so there’s no way every banger could be put on one compilation but this is a great showcase of how the label and its artists have developed over the last ten years and a look at what’s happening right now. We’re honoured to be part of it and think for both fans of the label and fans of the genre it will stand out as a great selection. There’s so much new music on here too! It’s essentially THE ultimate dubstep release that has been in the making for the last decade!

DB: What’s your killer contribution? ‘Subbington’? And?
V: We’ve got two deeper cuts on there: ‘Subbington’ and ‘Fighting For Air’. Both are tracks that blur the lines and pull influences from different genres (including Balearic Trance!) but have maximum stripped-out bass weight impact. ‘Fighting For Air’ was actually written exclusively for this release and is already receiving some great support which is awesome! (nb check the mix at end)

DB: What killers lurk here on this comp?
V: Past Caspa ‘Cockney Violin’ as it brings back great memories for us of when we first saw Caspa play out. His tune set the place off and the atmosphere was like nothing we’d experienced before. The room had so much swagga It was almost hostile but everyone was just there to have a good time!

Present It’s a close call because Mydas’s tracks are absolutely killer in this section, but we’d say Ethic ‘Temple Run’. It’s an absolute weapon in our sets to unsuspectedly throw a face melter into a 4/4 section. We love crossover tracks that push the boundaries and this is definitely one of them.

Future Subscape ‘I Would Have Loved You’. It’s everything you’d expect from him and more. It’s tracks like this that show there shouldn’t be any rules to Dubstep and also it’s easy to forget that a simple hook or melody can be the most powerful.

DB: Any shouts? Please let me have em.
V: Just a huge shout to everyone that’s been digging our stuff and supporting us this year, it means a lot! And to all the DJs that include our tunes in their mixes and tweet us to let us know, keep doing it. We love to check it all out! And finally big up the Blob Fish Jones.
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