Unit 7 interview

I spoke to house people Unit 7 about the new ep Down/Gave It Up. There’s a download at end.

DB: What shared music loves have both of you? What big influences and what stuff makes you passionate? What shared things did you both like when you met?

Luke: I’m passionate about kick drums, snares and hi-hats, always have been. I struggle with funk and soul, but anyone who makes and plays music that builds on great drums moves me: Richie Hawtin will always get me out of bed, and right now I’m loving the stuff Drumcode are putting out.
Mark: We both always also loved the old proggy sound, I really seeing it coming back through labels like Innervisions. I think we came together initially by sharing Sasha & Digweed sets on tape.

DB: What inspired ‘Down’? Just the flow, the vibe of it, the flex as it were?

: I’m really in to Dusky right now, they know how to nail a groove that sits between the garage flex with the techno sounds, and that’s something we wanted to create
Luke: We also wanted to make something really simple, something that really just lives on the dancefloor. That’s kind of what our label WRHSmusic is all about: tunes made solely for use in giant warehouses filled with oscillating bodies!

DB: I read about your personal Warehouse… was such a space the best way for you both to produce and create? Could you not do it in a smaller area (with smaller heating bills?)

Luke: Haha! theres something sonically aesthetic about warehouses; it’s really easy to identify the sound that fits in them… maybe that’s just becuase we’ve seen so many great DJ’s tear up warehouses over the years.
Mark: But I really enjoy playing in smaller spaces: if you can captivate a packed warehouse of 100 people then you will get a buzz that can’t be rivalled when playing in huge arenas.

DB: Does the environment create a certain sound/influence your production?

Mark: Yes totally, the track you produce on any given day is so dependent on your mindset I think.

If you feel cold you’ll produce something dark and sparse; if you’re in a warm room, don’t be surprised if you see some really beautiful heart-warming chords working their way in to the track. If you want to create music for warehouse raves, then make them in the same place.

DB: Is it inspired by a European way of working or method? I love that ethos, way back from 70s.

Luke: I wouldn’t say inspired by, but similar to maybe. We got in to clubbing in the early 2000’s, so we missed the ‘golden era’, and growing up in and around London. Clubbing for us is the brick walls of Fabric and the now derelict car parks around Shoreditch, which is probably the thing that has inspired us the most.
Mark: I don’t think we have a specific way of working either really: each tune we make is kind of started from scratch and some take days, others weeks to finish, so it’s all pretty scatty! But we know something’s done when we play it out and it sounds good on a rig.

DB: What is the plan from here?

Luke: We’ve got some great shows coming up, we can’t announce them yet but we’re really excited about them. We’re going to be banging out as many EPs as we can this year so keep your ears out.

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