Tremah interview


I caught up with Tremah as ‘Blend/Creep’ drops on E-Motion.

DB: You have a unique vibe, love the space in this, the way the sounds sit together: what music influences you… or are there NO influences?

T: Oh thanks. I am a big fan of liquid, deep and tech d&b mainly. Drawing influences from most things I listen to, which is reflected often in my productions with most of them sounds fairly different to each other. I try and make something different with every finished tune.

DB: Can you talk us through ‘Creep’? About the evolution of the tune?

T: Creep was something new for me in every way. The actual overall sound of the track is different to most of my previous efforts, and just an overall ‘better’ and more of a ‘whole’ feel in the mix itself. I had a lot of fun with it!

DB: What’s next for you, release wise?

T: There are a few tunes in the release pipeline at the moment, a few tracks are to come out on Soul Deep Recordings, one with Liquid Drops, and demos have been sent to Fokuz and Liquid V… fingers crossed! Wanting to try and collaborate with someone on a few deep liquid tracks in the near future to try and learn some new techniques and ideas.

DB: Any shouts?

T: Shouts to E-Motion, this has been the best experience with a release I have had! Big ups to my mates that support me and have heard my endless audio questions (Struan Temple, Jake Lefevre), big ups to ALL the people who have supported me and my music. And a shout to my wife: she has had to hear these tunes endlessly ha ha.

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