Tree Bosier interview

I spoke to Tree Bosier aka Max Ananjev on the eve of the new ‘Bubikopf Girl’ ep.

DB: Do the tunes come from one creative patch or are they unrelated?

Max: All tracks were written in the autumn of 2012 and were finished in the winter. Fall for me has always been the most productive time of year. Really love the mystical atmosphere of urban parks and I hope I was able to pass it on to the music.

DB: What does the title mean?

Max: I don’t know how to explain the title, I just like the way it sounds. Suddenly remembered the words of the legendary Tony Wilson: “It’s postmodernism – free play of symbols and signs!” But girls with short hairstyles are very attractive, I think.

DB: Can you discuss a track off the ep and the mindset behind?

Max: My favorite track is ‘Hometown’. The town where I grew up is very far away – in the Far East of Russia. It’s a small town surrounded by Taiga, and every time I go to there, I enjoy the atmosphere of peace and remoteness. There’s a lot of beautiful places. This track I wrote after a trip home.

The main thing in music for me is live dynamics and atmosphere. I love when the sound of instruments variates from a whisper to a thunder – it brings a lot of life into the music. I think the analog devices more accurately convey this difference, so I use a lot of live instruments, tube amplifiers and condenser microphones. I am very loyal to clean electronic music, but I am inspired by the idea of combining analog/acoustic instruments and electronic components.

DB: Is it music to be DJd out? Or played live? or never to be played?

Max: Of course I would like to play these tracks with other musicians – I think they would sound good with live drums, flute and doublebass. But as long as I play them using a laptop, Akai MPD and synthesizer. Some tracks would sound good in a jazz-hop or downtempo DJ-set, I think. Of course it all depends on the atmosphere.

DB: What tune is in your head right now?

Max: Vocal in the song ‘Pieces’ by Paskal & Urban Absolutes. This is a stunning track, I think.

DB: What influences you the most?

Max: Actually, I think inspiration is a combination of many factors. I like films that convey the atmosphere of cities. Woody Allen has succeeded in this, I think. New music inspires me, of course. I am interested in all contemporary forms of jazz. But above all, I am inspired by the atmosphere of what is happening around me. For example, I wrote the track ‘Music Without a Name’ after seeing the cold Sea of Japan in the Far East of Russia.

Out March 19 on Loodma

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