Transatlantic Vol. 1

Transatlantic Vol.1: a 12-track compilation which Subaltern is releasing together with US-based label TUBA NYC. Tuba has released such artists as J:Kenzo, Truth, Daega Sound, RDG and many more. Their soundcloud

Subaltern gave a sneak peak into SOME of the amazing stuff on here:

Producer from Belgium with releases on Tuba, Surfase, Deep Heads, Aquatic Lab. Subreachers combines heavy sub pressure with melodic musicality.

As his SC states ‘Pushy grooves punctuated by modal chords’. A producer/DJ based in London and co-founder of Chord-Marauders.

D-Operation Drop
Italian production collective with releases on Subaltern, Artikal, Lion Charge. The collective produces heavy dark rollers as well as dub wise beats.

Young Scandinavian talent: her subs have been seducing a lot of people in the scene throughout the past year.

Mentha DJ and CO-Founder of Subaltern Records, Mentha is the A & R behind the label. His music often mixes live instruments, jazzy harmonies and electronic elements.

One of the Sub.FM Veterans, his seven-year running FOB Show has been pushing the scene by discovering new talents and air their music for the first time. In ‘Mechanism’ BunZer0 shows how he is a lot more than just a DJ.

Denmark’s most famous Dubstep artist, with releases on Boka, Biscuit Factory, Dubmliminal, Subaltern and Tuba. His sound is dark and machine-like and his DJ sets drive the crowds crazy.

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