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I spoke to TMSV about the new Head For Home ep on Artikal.

DB: First off – you’re from Utrecht? A wicked place, also lots of great music comes out of there too… it has a great heritage.

TMSV: Yeah I’m from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I can’t imagine living anywhere else at the moment. I’m not really up to date on many of Utrecht’s artists or anything, but there’s definitely stuff going on. Check out a club night called Bright if you’re ever in town.

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DB: The sound you have is very unique but also makes me think of ‘classic’ dubstep, so what got you into the music?

TMSV: Years ago I was into, and trying to make, D&B, but at a certain point I’d become far too invested in the technical side of it. Suddenly there was dubstep, with its reggae influences, bass, weird tempo and diversity.

I decided to have a go at producing it, and that’s how it all started really.

DB: This music needs the right state of mind to work, so when do you work and do you have a nice studio set up? Do you work night or day?

TMSV: My setup is in the living room at the moment. It’s nothing fancy but it’s enough for my current needs: a laptop, a couple of midi controllers, a microphone, monitors, a small synth and drum machine. I used to love working at night, but I can’t really do that anymore.

I find that I’m more focused and motivated during the day, especially in the morning when I have the time and a bit of energy to spare.

DB: How did the hook-up with Artikal Music UK come about?

TMSV: J:Kenzo remixed a tune I did with DJ Madd a couple of years ago that came out on Black Box… the XXX series. I think that’s basically how we came into contact with each other. I don’t remember exactly how it all went, but Jay hit me up in 2012 about releasing ‘Haze’ and that’s how the Artikal thing started for me.

DB: How do you check new beats, is it on certain shows or on radio/sites?

TMSV: I like checking out radio shows from time to time, but right now I often like seeing what Spotify has to offer in terms of suggestions.

I have a broad taste, and I feel as though only checking electronic music to play out has really held me back as far as discovering and enjoying new music goes.

DB: I’d like to select a tune from this: ‘Fire Dub’, can you talk us through it, how it was created…

TMSV: The voice in the background that says ‘duhhb’ or something is actually my cousin… who’s been producing under the name Van Dam – hopefully he’ll have some stuff to check soon. He sent me some random nonsense sounds through WhatsApp while I was making this tune so I held my phone up to the mic and sampled it.

It’s also the first and only tune I’ve ever started and finished in Ableton Live. I usually work with FL Studio.

DB: Why the title ‘Head for Home’? I love the title track too btw.

TMSV: The title ‘Head for Home’ is, apart from it being one of the tunes on the EP, about going back to basics in a way – to go back to the ‘place’, whatever and wherever that may be, where you feel most creative and at ease and where you can focus on your art and really put your soul into it, like everyone does when they first start making music.

Head For Home EP by TMSV is out today on vinyl,

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