The Prototypes and Innovation In The Sun

Ahead of playing at this year’s Innovation In The Sun, The Prototypes spoke about how they prepare for the event and what to look out for.

Innovation In The Sun: The Prototypes’ POV

First time we ever played Innovation In The Sun we had been playing in Germany the night before and hadn’t slept. To get to Barcelona after we had to fly to Gatwick and wait for a few hours before our flight out to Spain. During which time I went to through security and was chilling having some food trying to stay awake thinking why hasn’t my plane been called.

After two hours I pulled out my boarding pass and realised I was in the wrong terminal with 20 mins to get to the North Terminal before it left. Unfortunately I missed my flight but I did manage to get the last seat on the last flight to Barcelona.

I got to Innovation In The Sun five minutes before our set and it was packed out.. Was a big box ticked to finally play at one of these shows and we look forward to it every year.

Top 5 Innovation Slammers

Gonna go for new tunes on this one
1. Prototypes ‘Pop It Off’
2. Dimension ‘Whipslap’
3. Noisia ‘Incessant’
4. Culture Shock ‘Troglodyte VIP’
5. Signs ‘Clockwork’

Top 5 Predictions for this year’s event

1. We will make it on time
2. The driver back to Barcelona in the morning will drive at 200mph
3. Phantasy will be stressed out
4. We will slay the water park differently
5. It will be an amazing gig

Top 5 Innovation In The Sun survival tips

1. Drink constantly – Whatever’s put in front of you
2. Keep drinking
3. Don’t forget to eat/sleep
4. If you miss a party then you should take yourself home & be ashamed
5. Colossus will look like a bomb has hit it afterwards

Top 5 DJs/Mcs/Nights not to miss

1. Get to the water park party
2. Make sure you check Andy C & Friction.
3. TC is a great party DJ: always brings vibes
4. Skibadee/Eksman/Shotta/Evil-B always deliver out here
5. Hazard is a badman, don’t miss him

Innovation in the Sun June 23 – 30
The Prototypes City of Gold out now on Viper

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