The Clik Clik – My Dunks


The Clik Clik are Stefan Abingdon, Maya Yianni, Henry Bauckham and Dru Wakely– four teenagers whose infectious combination of classic British songwriting and their own smash and grab DIY production aesthetic has already got tongues wagging in the capital. They are the product of an exciting new, musically diverse Britain. Writing and producing everything, they make music that sound like all your favourite iTunes play lists rolled into one.

The Clik Clik have been wowing London over the past months with a series of rapturously received live appearances. Walking with ease the line between sussed, smart attitude and rough edged, wide-eyed pop, everything comes together perfectly on The Clik Clik’s brilliant forthcoming fashion victim-bating (“and yes that does include myself” smiles Stefan) debut single ’My Dunks’.

The Clik Clik – My Dunks (Yousendit)

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