Tensor interview

D&BArena recently held a comp to find a new future-focussed DJ, to play at Glade. The person they found is Tensor and we spoke about music.

DB: Hello Tensor, first off congrats. How was Glade?

T: Easy mate, thanks a lot! Yeah the whole festival was absolutely wicked, I can’t recommend it enough and I would love to go back again next year. It was my first time playing at a festival as well so I was stoked about that and I had an awesome time doing it. There was so much crazy stuff going on around the festival site and everyone there was having such a good time, it just had great vibes all around.

DB: What sort of process got you into DJing?

T: I think for a lot of people, if you go to the nights and love the music you are inevitably gonna end up at least toying with the idea of having a go at DJing. I had been thinking about it for a while but I think the real moment of revelation for me was seeing Andy C and Alix Perez in room 2 at fabric back in 2008. They both killed it with two very different styles of DJing and I came out thinking ‘Uuhhh, yes. I need to do this.’

DB: That is some combo…

T: After that I spent months and months saving up to buy decks and reading as much as I possibly could about it, and by the time I could afford them I was obsessed with it.

DB: That comes across, the obsession. How was the pressure factor for this all, the D&BTV comp and Glade? I mean you’ve effectively got a LOT of the world watching. And some people on the comments front can be less than polite sometimes.

T: Yeah there was definitely a lot of pressure, especially the times on D&BTV. There are loads of cameras watching your every move and you’re playing to an audience of clued up heads listening at home on precision headphones where you can hear every mistake, and as you say, people can be pretty brutal on the internet.

DB: Totally.

T: You’re never gonna please everyone no matter how well you do so you just gotta take the negativity in stride and I’ve always found that once you get behind the decks and start enjoying yourself the pressure just disappears. There wasn’t so much pressure at Glade, everyone there was just out to have a good time and I was loving it so it was all good.

DB: Name 5 tunes killing you right now.

T: Break, Octane & DLR ‘Murmur’. This tune absolutely slays me, I think the first time I heard it I put it on repeat about 50 times. It’s pretty much a dream collab, these 3 guys are just incredibly talented producers. Octane & DLR’s forthcoming album on Dispatch is definitely something to look out for as well.

Emperor ‘Monolith’. This guy is relatively new on the scene but he’s a really talented producer. This tune is absolutely sick and I’m really excited to hear what he is gonna bring in the future.

(DB note: no embed here, get to a club to hear this monster)

Noisia & Phace ‘Close Second’. This is a fat slab of percussive goodness…yes

DBR UK ‘Depth’ (see at end of piece)

There are so many quality tunes coming out in this deep minimal style but this is the peak for me so far.

Commix ‘Painted Smile’. 50000 plays later it still gives me shivers down my spine…

DB: Great selection. Do you go downtempo?

T: Yeah definitely! Drum and Bass is my main squeeze but there is a ludicrous amount of other good music out there. Recently I’ve been branching out and playing a few 130-140 UK Bass/Garage/Funky sets here and there… it’s jokes and it’s a completely different vibe and crowd to drum and bass which is really refreshing. I think it’s important not to get stuck in a rut doing one style of DJing, it can really improve your skills to go out there and play different genres as well.

DB: What’s life post-Glade now, and where can people check you?

T: My schedule is pretty light at the moment because I’m going travelling in a couple of weeks but you can catch me at local night Sub:Kulture at Zee Bar in Maidenhead on the 29th of June supporting Bailey and John B along with a bunch of local talent. You can check out the Facebook event here: facebook.com/events/315928041822310/

Keep an eye out on my Soundcloud a soundcloud.com/tensor and facebook.com/TensorDJ for info about new tunes and gigs. Get in touch for bookings that way too.

Finally, I want to give a massive shout out to Drum&BassArena for running the competition and a big thank you to everyone who supported me.

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