Tendai and Fabio: Jamais Vu, London

Jamais Vu has all the makings of a great new regular event, based in London. The debut featured Fabio and Tendai.

Tendai gave us some great random embed moments and talked about them.

“The Weeknd is probably the most talked about unsigned artist of last year. The free mixtapes he has given away are pure fire and marketing genius. This video for the track The Knowing has flipped the script and is as amazing and as highly stylised as the track itself. It’s very strange and hypnotic – it’s similar in style of the work of the director Tarsem. Check it out.”

“If you’ve never heard of ‘The Raid’ (below) you soon will. It’s been on the film festival circuit for a while and its already been picked up for a US remake. It’s an Indonesian film that tells the story of a tactical unit clearing a building that has been taken over by a gang, and what ensues is chaos. Pure unadulterated action.”

“This next one is a little video I made at the ‘J Dilla Changed My Life’ event a few weeks ago at The Scala. It was the most amazing night I’ve attended for a long while; the vibes in the video tell it all. Ma Dukes has promised to do a DJ set at the event next year of pure Dilla… that will be some next level shit!”

“‘Plastic Bag’ is a short film following the life of a plastic bag as it ponders its own life, existence & place in the universe as it travels between users, being blown through the wind and ending up in rubbish dumps. The voice of the plastic bag was done by the amazing Werner Herzog. Beautifully shot and extremely touching and with environmental undertones… you will never look at a simple plastic bag the same way again.”

“Lastly, I always seem to be around when the shit hits the fan. I was on my way home from a party a few months back and happened to be on the train where the Free Congo protestors took over Oxford Circus tube station & this is what ensued. I didn’t even know they’d spent the past week protesting in their hundreds at Whitehall until I happened to run into them on the tube. This is why I’m a fan of citizen journalism and sites like blottr: the news is unrestricted.”

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