Teki Latex – Missing Links Mixtape

Like the first comment says, “Good to see Akufen” here, it’s good to hear a mixtape with a ‘Fen track first up, good memories. Anyway, here’s the latest Teki Latex mixtape from the Sound Pellegrino camp.

“This mixtape is a round up of my recent collaborations and remixes organized around a little exercise: each track of mine is mixed in and out of tracks that have somehow influenced said Teki track. My taste in electronic music covers quite a wide spectrum and the tracks i co-produce and/or chose to put some vocals over are sometimes going in different, some might think opposite directions. With this mix i was trying to explain the weird logic behind it all, to show why it all makes perfect sense to me by highlighting the missing links between my works. I also wanted to demonstrate how my tracks and the directions i choose to take in my music are (humbly) made to be interpreted as “missing links” between these classic tracks I love. As usual with most of my solo mixes this was mixed completely live with my CDJs in the mighty computer room, so please excuse the occasional “ruggedness” of it: this is how i like it, and i hope you will enjoy it too. Make sure you grab a copy of our 5th Dimension EP when it drops May 2nd on Marble! —Teki Latex”

Teki Latex – Missing Links Mixtape by Marble Music


  • Akufen – Deck the house
  • Noob – Powder (Para One & Teki Latex remix)
  • Soul Clap – Lonely C (feat. Charles Levine)
  • LOL Boys & Teki Latex – Modern
  • Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Stock Exchange
  • Para One & Teki Latex – Deep Sea Creatures
  • Arpanet – Illuminated Displays
  • Para One & Teki Latex – 5th dimension
  • Robert Hood – Clash
  • Myrryrs – Feel U (Teki Latex & Bambounou remix)
  • Ramadanman – Work Dem
  • Canblaster – Time Master (Para One & Teki Latex remix)
  • Jam city – Magic Drops
  • Funkin matt Feat. Teki Latex – Get Loose (Canblaster remix)

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