Taz & Akka interview

I spoke to Taz & Akka on the eve of the Synergy ep and asked about how their music came about.

Taz: I think it’s just the result of pooling our viewpoints. Definitely organic. There was never a set way we decided to do things, we just came up with some initial ideas and then we worked them towards the finished product. We chose the name ‘Synergy’ for the EP because that’s what it is – a collaboration that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Akka: Organic like tomatoes out of your garden.

DB: Do you work late night or in the morning?

Taz: Regardless of when I begin, it always ends up late at night.

Akka: When my wife sleeps.

DB: where do you love playing out? Local, abroad, you tell me.

Taz: Locally, it’s got to be Sneaky Pete’s and the Bongo Club. Sneaky’s is a little intimate venue that holds about 100, but hosts some pretty heavyweight names on a regular basis – I’ve heard countless other DJs rave about how great the vibe was when they played, and it’s been the same for me too. The Bongo Club is another great place, albeit a bit bigger. Now, after a closing scare and then a relocation, it’s the new home of my new residency. I’ve also got to big up the Liquid Room – that place is nuts when it’s packed out. Abroad, I’ve had a blast every time I’ve went to Amsterdam – great parties, crowds are hype and they take really good care of you there. Other honourable mentions go to Marseille, Krakow and Geneva.

Akka: I love to play at Melkweg in Amsterdam. I have a residency there and it’s just the nicest venue in town. I also love playing abroad, last time in Brussels was sick. California was sick too (SF, Sacramento, Humboldt etc) Yeah I’d probably forget a few, but I enjoy it every time when I can play out for a good audience. But being honest I like Amsterdam the most, our last label showcase was so good. People didn’t want to leave, I had to play for like 20 minutes extra and it was still packed like crazy!

DB: What’s on the horizon?

Taz: April 1st is when the Synergy EP drops, and then it’s going to be reasonably quiet on the release front as we work towards our album that we’re planning to release in 2014. I’ll be putting out some more BF Hoodrich tracks out there for people to download in the meantime, as well as ‘Bats & Gats’ getting release on Witness EP #2, which is being put out by the guys who run the burgeoning ‘Witness’ night at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh. That should be dropping within the next month or two. Keep your eyes peeled!

Akka: Yes, after the EP we will focus on writing an album. I think all my focus will be on that project since I have very little time to write music. I run the label and play out a lot plus I have a dayjob where I chose for myself to keep my life balanced. There are two Akka remixes coming out in 2013 and a collab of mine with Taz on Starkey’s label.

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