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Alix Perez ‘Annie’s Song’

Go to the Shogun site for more info (and don’t forget ‘Feelings of Regret’), here is their writeup too: The vinyl version leads with the jungle remix from Hospital Records’ Brazilian tour de force,...


Dose mix and interview

I caught up with Dose. Mix and tl at end. DB: Sorry to start off with the obvious but am mainly aware of you from Friction’s show, and your track was at the top...

Rockwell interview

Rockwell appears on the new Shogun ep (pictured above with Skrillex. btw Rockwell kindly gave us most of these pics). We love Rockwell from time, especially ‘Reverse Engineering’ which appears later in the spot.

Technicolour & Komatic interview

The brilliant Technicolour & Komatic are due to drop soon on Shogun. Sample-driven D&B, sparks off a place in your heart, madness. Technicolour: I live in south-west London, Komatic: … and I live in...