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The Hip Hop Diaries – Part 1

It all started when I was 13. When hip-hop and it’s rebellious qualities mysteriously popped into my life. The chains, baggy jeans, tall beanies, smart rhymes and a mentality that said “I’m cocky so...

Some REAL Hiphop

Fresh in the box is this remix of Kanye, Nas and KRS! Logarhythmik mixing up to good effect Kanye, Nas, KRS – Better Than I’ve Ever Been (Logarhythmik Remix) (Yousendit) myspace.com/logarhythmik FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Nas – Be A Nigger Too

The new Nas track anyone? As usual, the Queensbridge master keeps it swift and methodical, expect good things from his new album. Nas – Be A Nigger Too (Yousendit) :: (zShare) FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest