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Camo & Krooked ‘Zeitgeist’ interview

I caught up with Austrian duo Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner aka Camo & Krooked on a twin eve: that of their appearance at Hospitality Brixton: The Final on the 27th. And also the release of their new album Zeitgeist.

Rawtekk interview

I caught up with Christine and Stefan AKA Rawtekk as Sprouted and Formed magically sprouts and forms, ready to drop next week, with an appearance at Fabric in the interim.

Nu:Logic interview

I spoke to Matt and Dan AKA Nu:Tone and Logistics AKA Nu:Logic about the mighty new album What I’ve Always Waited For and went in on the videos… DB: The new album What I’ve...

Fred V & Grafix interview

I recent caught up with Fred V & Grafix as Goggles drops and asked them to talk us through… FV&G: The EP is our Hospital debut solo release so we wanted to make it...

Other Echoes interview

I caught up with Other Echoes as the self titled ep drops on Hospital DB: Just wanted to say that this ep has a strong identity, it’s unique, in an era where ‘bass’ music...

Joe Syntax Medical Mix interview

Medical Mix is a journey through the last six years of Med School, mixed by Joe Syntax. DB: I am enjoying this fab mix Joe. I have to ask what was your starting point...

Logistics interview

Logistics delivers his new album ‘Fear Not’ right now. DB: When did you start the album? And when was it done? Logistics: I began working on it about two years ago now. I think...

Tony Colman talks about Hospital

The ‘Fifteen Years of Hospital Records‘ album is out now and there’s a big Hospitality in Birmingham on the second. Both largely feature Cyantific. Tony Colman (in pic with Fabio) spoke at length.