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Video: Mr Oizo – Rubber

Here’s the official trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s (aka Mr. Oizo) new film, entitled “Rubber” – it’s been a few months, but it’s finally here. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Uffie – Difficult

After the release of her highly anticipated album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, Ed Banger’s first lady Uffie is readying the release of her new single, “Difficult” which was produced by her labelmate SebastiAn. The...

ZZT – ZZafrika

ZZT – ZZafrika by turborecordings We gave you the heads up a day ago about the release of this and Turbo have kindly upped an mp3 of ZZafrika for you on their Soundcloud. Who’s...

ZZT – ZZafrika

HOW long have I been waiting for this? Feels like an eternity, but finally, 5th October (vinyl due on 18th October) – get ready! More information on the Facebook page FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Mika vs RedOne – Kick Ass (THE 'S' REMIX)

Afraid I don’t really have much on these guys for you, except they’re a pair of young Italians out to make some good tunes – by the sound of it, they’ve got some skills,...