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Section 8 interview

Section 8 is based in the States, has recently released the gnarly ‘Future Darkness’ ep and specialises in the heavier end of the spectrum shall we say. We spoke to label boss Michael about...

Original Sin comp

Original Sin is about to drop the ‘Move’ ep and Playaz has a great comp, go here.

Nu:tone free tune

Nu:toneis giving a way a tune called ‘Hit & Run’. It ties in with the return of the mighty Spoonfed nite in Cambridge which is great news. Flyer porn below. Love the ‘No Beef’...

Camo & Krooked interview

Damian Bennett: You guys need no intro & the new album is delivering. So when do you you write & formulate? How does it work?

NZShapeshifter interview

Shapeshifter are back in town, miss this at your peril! We caught up bigstyle. We got a road story involving livestock,  what’s not to like?

elliott m

Some fresh sounds from Leeds, Elliott M. Enjoying the late nite late summer feel.

Donnie Dubson interview

Have been caught by Donnie Dubson‘s sound. So, I caught up with the DD himself. Damian Bennett: Hi to you. Tell me about some of your history.