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Swerve July 18, Tendai Speaks

Swerve is happening on Friday July 18. Resident Tendai talks about music and of course films as he literally does not sleep.

Swerve, London 30 Nov

Swerve is going in hard, the flyer says it all. Fabio, Blame (in full force, drawing from the vaults), Chris Intaface, Bryan G, Tendai… it will be rammed, get there early. facebook.com/events/113678172127626/ FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Swerve tonight, Tendai speaks

Swerve was down at Cable on the 15th by the time you read this, no-one wants to let the Wednesdays go! Soon will be Fridays. Fabio was joined by Chris Intaface and Tendai. Tendai...