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Bloc 2012 – It wasn’t all a disaster.

Im sure that by now you have all read endless articles, facebook posts, twitter comments and blogs about our painful Bloc 2012 experience. Endless queuing, terrible organisation and a complete lack of control over...

Boiler Room live broadcast from Bloc 2012

On Friday 6th July, somewhere inside Bloc, these artists will play an extra set for broadcast on Boiler Room. Richie Hawtin / Jamie Jones / Ben Sims / Xhin / Al Tourettes FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Video: Nicolas Jaar – Influences

Influences – Nicolas Jaar from Bloc. on Vimeo. New video from the Bloc camp, this time they get Nicolas Jaar to speak about his influences. Love this guy! FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Video: Bloc Influences: Steve Reich

Bloc caught up with avant-garde minimalist composer Steve Reich for the second instalment of the Influences series. He discusses Ghanian drumming and his upcoming project with Radiohead… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Video: Bloc Influences: Gary Numan

First in the five part series of videos from Bloc is synth pop pioneer, Gary Numan. Gary invited Bloc to his studio to give them the lowdown on how Ultravox was a defining influence...

Update: BLOC 2012

Having previously written about the initial lineup and the release of weekend tickets, Bloc hit us with a fresh release of news today – We’ll go through this in 4 parts: 1. M.S. Stubnitz: 2,541...

Day tickets announced for Bloc 2012

If you weren’t keen on buying a 2-day ticket, or couldn’t afford it, you’re in luck. With the recent announcement from the Bloc camp, you can now buy a ticket for a single day...

Bloc 2012: Line-up so far

Bloc 2012 will be held on the 6 and 7 July 2012 at the London Pleasure Gardens in the Royal Victoria Docks. It’s a brand new venue that is set by the water’s edge and...