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Getter interview

Getter has recently dropped the amazing Psycho ep on Firepower, and is soon on tour. Check it out: complete carnage. Damian Bennett: If your music was a city and you walk in to this...

‘Raindrops’ Captain Crunch

This is out via Strictly Rhythm and Captain Crunch live dates are here: 20th London/Cable 21st Guildford/Redfest 27th Germany/Osnabrück 28th Brighton August 5th London/UKBeatbox 8th Birmingham/Hype 20th London/RTRadio – www.roughtempo.com 31st Belgium/Antwerp/Skankers … with...

One Bomb free track

One Bomb are giving this track away free, details on the Bandcamp page. Don’t forget the sticker. That’s my contribution below… FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Radioactive Man interview

DB: Hi, thanks for pics. Listening to the ‘Waits & Measures’ album I feel like you’re an auteur really, regarding the sounds you choose, it’s very much your own, is that the case? RM:...


Zeigeist music from Sarajevo. Looking forward to the Velahavle album, rumoured to have a connection with Billain. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

One Bomb

Look out for dates including the Strawberry Fields Festival in Leicester and email for a sticker. onebombmusic@gmail.com FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Purity Ring – Obedear

Its no surprise that Purity Ring have seriously started to build a huge buzz despite only having released 3 songs. The canadian ghostly-synthpop duo have now what seems to be a total of 4...