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Billain interview

As ‘Blockfield/Boogie’ drops I caught up with Billain. This is only part of the chat, there will be more of it in the future. This is just a short exerpt and ‘Manifold’ is included...

Royalston interview

I asked Royalston about the inception of his new ‘The Sound of the Rain’ ep. Royalston: This ep was a lot of work to finish off but the tracks were written over 3 or...

Joe Ford

The Joe Ford release, now out & doing some damage badtasterecordings.com FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Bad Taste at Relay, Friday 9th

Bad Taste are hosting a solid lineup on Friday featuring Fried guest Aeph, Crissy Criss, Optical, Blokhe4d… the flyer speak for itself. Details here and here FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Fistognosticated mix

Fistognosticated just dropped this… tl 1//Retrocausality – Urbandawn 2//Red Sky – Jade 3//Emilli – Talent 4//Code Alpha – Fistognosticated 5//The Shakes – Prolix 6//Space Truckers – Aeph & Neonlight 7//Parallel Universe – Telekinesis 8//Warning...