Syndicate interview

Senium EP1500

Syndicate spoke to us about the recent Senium ep on Dust Audio

DB: Could you talk us through YOUR tune on this fantastic ep?

S: Yeah certainly, it’s called ‘Back Drifts’; I built the track in a single evening which has never been the case with any of my other projects. It’s a much different style to my normal sound: I had previously been making a lot of mid 90s throwback stuff, using a lot of funk breaks, and working exclusively with samples. I spend a lot of time looking for interesting samples, and found a collection that I knew would work together in a D&B track.

DB: Who are you, for people just finding out about you?

S: My name is James Hendry. I’m currently living in Brighton at the moment. I have been predominately producing D&B for about six years have been a fanatical listener since my early teens.

DB: What first ever inspired you to make D&B?

S: Having a massively musical set of friends would be the main factor, I am constantly exposed to a variety of different genres and many of my oldest friends have always produced which meant I could pick up techniques by watching over their shoulders.

DB: What’s happening with you right now

S: I’m solely concentrating on developing my production skills and making some music that I can be proud of in the future.

Big thanks to Dan at Dust Audio for picking up on my tunes and releasing ‘Back Drifts’.

Senium ep

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