Swerve tonight, Tendai speaks

Swerve was down at Cable on the 15th by the time you read this, no-one wants to let the Wednesdays go! Soon will be Fridays.

Fabio was joined by Chris Intaface and Tendai.

Tendai always gives us the lowdown into the tapestry of his world and what’s happening (see at end for news). Always an essential read, including words on DRS, whose new album is causing a big stir.

Meanwhile, over to Tendai.

MC DRS ‘Holding On’

My D&B tune of the week is ‘Holding On’. It’s piano-fused goodness and is the first tune on off his new album featuring UK hip-hop great Jehst, vocalist Riya and was produced by the mighty Lenzman. His album ‘I Don’t Usually Like MCs But…’ will be released at the end of the month on Soul:R and will feature the likes of S.P.Y, Calibre, dBridge & Pete Simpson, it’s going to be huge.

Michael Jackson’s Anti Gravity Lean

A subject of many drunk bar room conversations is that scene in Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ when he does that anti-gravity lean. Was it CGI? Was it strings? How was he able to do it live? Was Michael Jackson’s greatness so much that he actually defied the laws of physics? The answer is in fact the very clever fusion of science and engineering. A patent shows that he had a specially designed shoe for the live shows which has mechanism of pegs that rise from the stage and latch onto the shoe. If you want to see the actual patent it’s here.

Cibo Matto ‘Sugar Water’

In the 90s Cibo Matto were a big hit in the west and this video shows all you need is a little imagination rather than a massive budget to make a good video. It was directed by the great Michael Gondry who directed ‘Be Kind Rewind’ and is one-take-forwards-and-backwards-split-screen genius. I remember having arguments with friends that nearly went to blows over exactly how it was done. The timing is perfect. For the crate diggers out there also look out for the vinyl which has a dope Alex Reece D&B remix on it.

The Punisher (1989)

Film time. There’s been many film adaptations of Marvel comics recently, some better than the others. The adaptations of The Punisher have not been so great, but what many people don’t know is there was a film adaptation done in 1989 staring Dolph Lungren which is amazing. In this film he takes on both the Italian and Japanese mafia in a hail of knives and bullets. It’s so much better than the versions that came out recently. The film company that made it went bust so it was released straight to video which is why to some it’s so obscure. DVDs of the film are available online, track it down!

Tendai has a residency every Thursday at the Lockside Lounge in Camden called ‘Get Busy’ playing hip hop & r&b from 7pm until late and it’s free.

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