Swerve, Tendai words

Swerve resident Tendai gives us a rundown of music and various random topics, always a great read.

Zero T ‘Roxy Music’. This tune is forthcoming on Dispatch. Swerve wouldn’t be Swerve without tunes like this – it’s sublime, I’ve got it on repeat right now. Look out for it it’s coming out real soon.

Spectrasoul ‘Away With Me’ feat Tamara Blessa (Calibre remix). This is one of those tunes that every time I drop it the whole crowd sings along, I love it. Calibre flipped the original and brought it to dnb tempo the only way Calibre knows how, it’s big. The Spectrasoul album just came out this week – look out for it

Above is a promo video part filmed by myself from a new ballet company that I’m involved with called NeoBallet. A lot of ballet nowadays can be pretty boring to watch and is out of touch with much of society today, Neoballet have flipped the script and brought it up to date fusing neoclassical ballet with modern day electronica, fashion, and visuals. Whoever thought they would see a ballet video filmed in the middle of Oxford Circus to a Donae’o tune. I’m telling you its going to be something fresh, new and will turn a lot of heads. The first performance will be in November at The Place Theatre in Kings Cross and I’ll also be DJing at venue. Check their facebook page to keep updated fb – there will be more videos and music up on there in the run up to the performance.

I’m a self confessed science geek. It’s been a big year for science with the potential discovery of the Higgs Boson particle which could end up leading to the explanation of how everything actually exists, and now another game changer: some scientists from Harvard have bioengineered a artificial jellyfish out of silicone and muscle cells from a rat heart. It looks like a flower with eight petals and when placed in an electric field, it pulses and swims exactly like an actual jellyfish. These sort of discoveries has major implications for the eventual artificial growing or organs and the testing of drugs. Technology is moving so fast that the things we’ve seen in science fiction movies will soon become reality.

FILMS! What happens when you let The Wu-Tang’s Rza write & direct a movie, and then let Eli Roth & Quentin Tarantino produce it? ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ is what happens!

Also staring Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, it’s a kung fu movie set in feudal China and it looks absolutely nuts, you can definitely see it has the Tarantino influence in there. It comes out later this year and I cannot wait!

If you’re hungry after reading all of that here is my food review for the month. In Camden Town my prayers have been answered and the people that brought you the Lockside Lounge have created Cafe Chula their signature Mexican restaurant. Located below The Lockside Lounge and in the middle of Camden Market Cafe Chula serves the best in Mexican food and drink. With breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus there is plenty to choose from with a series of tortas, quesadilla, salads and burritos. Ah, but the tacos: there are a choice of 8 different kinds and they are truly authentic Mexican. There is flank steak, braised pork in guajillo salsa, chicken, vegetables, shrimp sautéed with garlic, onion, tomato and pasilla chillies (which is sooooooo necessary), as well as beer battered fish, chipotle-lime mayo, cabbage, pico de gallo. Every Friday is Suenos dorado where deals abound. I haven’t started on the drinks either – being the Lockside’s little sister you know they take their drinks very seriously. There are 5 different varieties of margarita including tamarind – which is amazing – hibiscus and jalapeno; a whole host of mexican cocktails and beers. The Cafe is cosy and perfectly placed, overlooking Regents Canal and Camden Lock as well as being just below the Lockside Lounge. The place is the bomb!

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