Swerve. Cable, London

Cable in London under those arches… that noisy queue reverberating up and down, taxis trundling past, late-late-nite streetlife… but enough arty musings! Swerve! It’s going to be a legendary night: alongside Fabio, Utah Jazz will be there & has already given Fried a quick insight into recent adventures and long-time Swerve soldier Chris Intaface will roll out in fine style.

Speaking of which, I caught up with Chris, briefly:

DB: Chris, what are you listening to right now?

CI: I’m feeling D-Ramatic, ‘Revolution’. Big bass track, they’re making a big impact at present.

Also Duo Science ‘Night Rain’, this track is the very essence of liquid funk and the next twelve months looks to be very successful for the boys from Brazil. A club destroyer track at the moment has got to be Wilkinson, ‘Overdose’… the roof will lift when I drop this track tomorrow night.

Also watch out for Chap’s ‘Seven lines’! Deep sub bass roller, really takes me back to the days of Speed and Headz at the Blue Note. Chap has really captured a reminiscent vibe on this hot piece.

DB: Chris, you’re a tutor, alongside DJ duties?

CI: Yes… I’ve been working very close with the British DJ and MC Academy and the London Urban Arts Academy I have for the past two years committed my time to teaching young people and adults the true art of djing, radio presenting and music production. I’ve devised my own structured courses and workshops. The students have at their disposal an industry-accredited standard of teaching which, in a really unique way, emphasises theory combined with practical tasks… as well as examining the physical practices of our art forms through theoretical knowledge (for more details send an email to Fried)

DB: Looks like you got no age restrictions looking at the pic… So what advice would you give to young DJs?

CI: Have passionate, perseverance and patience and you will get where you want to be eventually…

DB: Thanks Chris.

Back to Fabio.

There’s a rumour he’ll play an extra-long set drawing deep from the past. On the topic, see embed down right at end…

Either way, a tenuous excuse to embed some Fracture & Mark System… just to get in the mood. What a drop:

… and about those older things, found this part-mix from around the 2000 mark. Pardon the tape phasing, it’s probably from some old D90 tape. But great to hear the vintage liquid sound (not to mention Delta & Format on dubplate ffs… ). Let it roll out.

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