Survey ‘Away/Delirium’ interview

After a recent post about Survey‘s free download I caught up with them to talk about the new single, out the 26th. I asked about the vibes of the tunes and the choices of titles. And what motivates them.

S: We used the title ‘Away’ because of the vocal sample and fits great with the hypnotic atmosphere of the track. With ‘Delirium’ it actually went the same way. We wanted to create a sound impression that you get lost in.

We’ve always been fascinated by this rather dark sound. The biggest motivation is writing tunes we’re happy with.

DB: Are you more at home in the studio or live? Do you evaluate/listen to what you play live in order to create different music back in the lab?

S: We spend most of our time in the studio, either working on projects or preparing for sets. Both of us love to play out, so we put a lot of effort into our sets. For us it’s very important to find the balance between studio time and real life, in order to keep a clear head.

DB: Do you feel D&B is changing? Or getting simply more primitive/instinctive and less ‘thoughtful’?

S: There’s always been great music out there and luckily it is continuously changing and staying diverse. It is what it is. How you feel about D&B depends on your perspective and how you would define ‘primitive’ for instance.

DB: I mean it in a good way.

S: We feel the music is at a good point right now, there’s so much room for experimenting.

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