Supreme Being

Damian Bennett: What are your heroes of D&B?

Supreme Being: The people I look up to are the ones that have made a change in D&B and not just for their music so my list would be a very big list ha ha, But Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical, Culture Shock, the whole Image Muzik crew, The Prototypes, DrumSound & BS, Tantrum Desire and more. There’s a lot of good D&B out there floating at the minute.

DB: When do you produce?

SB: Well I’m a bit of a nightowl when it comes to going into the studio. I think i get in there for four in the evening and most the time I don’t get back until 8 the next morning. So I’m in there a hell of a long time each shift. But it’s good because I always end up in the zone and learn new things with staying in that long.

DB: Massive point: you ALWAYS learn new stuff.

SB: The things that trigger off a new tune for me is making a kind of funk out of my drums first to make sure they can flow on their own before I even consider starting a tune with them.

DB: OK, that’s really interesting…

SB: I’ve got a very distinct ‘swooshy’ – so to say – sound in my beats where they are very ride-driven rather than hihat-driven so as long as I get that in there which flows the kick and snare to each other it’s all go from there.

I do tend to disappear into my own little world sometimes too even halfway through conversations when for some reason an idea for a tune springs to mind but my memory is rubbish so 9/10 times I forget it so thats why I bought myself a notepad to jot down anything I need to remember.

DB: A good idea! I know Groove has gotten behind your music and the Short Out VIP is doing rounds, who else?

SB: Yeah Grooverider, Fabio and Crissy have supported me a hell of alot to get my tracks put out there on air and I can’t thank them enough.

Basically I have a certain sound in my head that I want to get when I’m writing each individual track… I always try and change it up so it suits the actual track but I’ve always gone for the more warm-sounding mixdown rather than the top end mix but I’d say that’s due to all the old Virus sounds that I’ve always loved from day one. In fact it was Ed Rush and Optical’s tunes that made me want to start producing. Their sound has always inspired me a lot even though I make a totally different style of D&B.

DB: What tunes of yours you’re the most proud of?

SB: That’s a tricky one.

I’m just going to sit here for a few minutes and think about this ha ha…..

Weeeeeell there’s two which go hand in hand: ‘Shaolin Steel’ and ‘Short Out’ just because I enjoyed making those ones so much and I’m not even bored of them myself yet. So that’s a good sign right?

DB: What release info?

SB: OK:’Audio Skank’ from the Image Muzik ep part 2.
Manga, ‘Sticky Bits’, my remix;
Modified Motion & Faction, ‘Sci Fi’, my remix;


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