Sunday Ruffage – playa update

OK OK – so it’s been a hectic summer and there have been some massive tracks that I just haven’t got around to posting… but this here is the first shot at redressing the balance… No messing – these some of the tracks that have been destroying my walkman over the last month or so…

Firstly it’s Jonny L’s banger from a couple of months ago – still love this track:

Then it’s back to DJ Zinc, who can be a bit hit and miss, but I’m loving these too…

And Wiley’s Grime Wave is still living on my walkman, yeah, maybe it’s a bit commercial but hey, there are some sick tracks on there… the last track is a total rolla… Totally loving Flodan at the moment, basically any track with him on is rulin’..

Finally while we’re on the subject of big rollas, I love this old IAM track, it might be the biggest closer that I know of – totally massive and has that flowing flavour that makes you just think – damn, why does this album have to end?!

keep bouncin’!

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