SUNANDBASS compilation

SUNANDBASS have recently released the wonderful comp celebrating 10 years of the Sardinian phenomenon. The spirit of the comp was something special and so I asked them about the vibe behind it.

SUNANDBASS: The SUNANDBASS Presents 10 Year Selection album was put together to represent some of the great memories that we’ve collected over the past years from doing the festival! We also specifically asked the artists if they could write a track that showed their idea of what the festival is and what it makes them think of. Their interpretation if you like as they play a key role in shaping it all.

We also wanted it to give a snapshot or insight into the vibe of the festival and what can be expected there and so for it to touch on many of the different sides of D&B and not be limited to one sound, as this is one of the aims of the festival too.

DB: What are some great memories/sets of the 2013 SUNANDBASS?
SUNANDBASS: There’s so many, as with every year. And these always seem to be different every year, with each edition having different highlights and moments.

The Doc Scott and Cleveland Watkiss set from the Metalheadz night was very special, Scotty digging deep with Cleveland displaying why he is one of the finest vocalists the music has seen.

The Exit night was very special too and the Marky & Friends night really showed the vibe of SUNANDBASS.

Clarity’s debut set at the Samurai night went down a storm and the SPY sets were both very special moments, as was Bailey’s Ministry of Sound show at Ambra Day, all the Manchester crew at La Cinta beach, Cleveland Watkiss doing his spoken word piece at Bal Harbour.

The list could go on and on, every set had something special to it.

SUNANDBASS Presents 10 Years
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