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Sun People spoke about Swinging Flavors #1

You are part of the crew and the label disko404. Can you tell us something about it.

It’s a kind of a family affair… some of us – around 10 peeps – are knowing each other for about 13 years now or even more. It started as a party series, bringing together an eclectic mixture of dance music sounds.

There’s no big sophisticated vision behind it – at least I don’t know about it…

It’s just a couple of people enjoying music – and trying to share that enthusiasm with others . Actually I officially joined them only four years ago – when we started the label. I had plans for launching one – and we just joined forces.

So my ‘job’ is mostly label stuff and the disko404 radio show on Sub.FM.

Most of your tunes have a pretty soulful note. Can you tell us something about the process of building them?

Well, I love record digging. Especially 60s/70s Jazz, Soul and Funk. But actually there is no musical limit.

Anyway. It’s always certain elements, sounds or an overall vibe that catch my attraction. This might stick in my head for quite a while – somehow as a starting point.

And then there is a process going on in my head and something begins to shape – almost by itself.

That’s usually the moment when I need to turn on the computer / or the machines and try to put it down. Sometimes the initial vibe may vanish completely in the workflow though.

From what kind of music do you take inspiration from?

As I just mentioned – mostly from old records. But also from a lot of new stuff – as I’m also DJing a lot mostly under my Simon/off moniker. But quite often it’s more of a reflection about whats going on with myself personally. Or with things happening around me.

Certain incidents.

Stuff that is going on in the media, politics, etc. It occurs that I get stuck in a certain (bad) vibe – and making music helps me to transform this somehow.

Are you also influenced by visual art? What comes to your mind?

Actually I’m not the visual type of guy – might have something to do my me being short-sighted and slightly color-blind ha ha. But I do love movies though.

Jim Jarmusch, Jaques Tati, Wes Anderson, Jean-Luc Goddard, to name a few. I’m also a bit into Graphic Novels.

At the moment I’m reading ‘The Incal’ by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius.


Any last words or anything to announce?

Simply try to be yourself. And try building enduring and independent music communities and structures. Don’t go for the hype or short-term success.

Don’t forget to check out the recent releases on disko404 by Fontarrian and Zanshin. Plus, I’ve got an EP forthcoming on Berlin’s Yarn Audio under my Simon/off moniker.

Should be out end of the month.

Swinging Flavors #1
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