Subscape ‘I Need You/Close Your Eyes’ interview

Subscape‘s new release has an inflammatory new video in more ways than one, so I caught up to talk about it.

S: To start off with we had a few video treatments to choose from, and after looking through them we found Polish director Michal Bieganski (Czlowiek Kamera) to be the most exciting on paper. His idea to have the kids and their toys on a journey to burning out a car was something that I wanted to see for the video and I’m overly pleased with the result. On paper the video looked like a big task with casting the kids, sourcing the car and thoughts about safety all within a budget but Michal was very capable of pulling it off and I’m very glad with how powerful the video looks.

DB: Some may be new to you, so what’s some background sir?

S: I’m from Woking. We had a record store called Vinyl Frontier in town, me and my friends used to go in there when we were about 14 to buy things like Slammin Vinyl D&B tape packs: these new sounds blew me away. After listening to them I wanted to have a go at mixing myself and bought a set of decks for my bedroom, then that led on to wanting to make my own tracks.

My involvement in Dubstep started when I met Alex from ‘The Others’ on a music production course, he had his first release out on Dub Police at the time and the bass energy of the music just clicked with me. I’ve been loving making Dubstep and UK bass music ever since.

DB: So how do you look at the term ‘Dubstep’? What’s it mean to you?

S: When I first discovered Dubstep and bass music my thoughts were that the beauty of it was that it could be whatever you wanted it to be. That’s why I like to write a broad set of styles with different attitudes to reflect on how I’m feeling in the studio at that time.

So call it what you want, as long as you’re having fun with it and making people dance, that’s all that matters.

: Can we get release details?

: ‘I Need You’ & ‘Close Your Eyes’ were released on the 9th of September, they’re available on all good outlets like itunes, Beatport and Juno Download. Had a lot of good support so far, very grateful for that!

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