Sub Zero interview

DB: Hi, great to catch up with you SIR and I am an original G Dub man. What was your attitude to this recent Bi Polar ep of yours?

SZ: My attitude towards the ep was basically just: give the people a set of tunes that every could enjoy, not just 17 old men. I want to appeal to a wider audience.

DB: So what shifts in terms of production have you been experiencing, and when do you get time at all to produce?

SZ: My attitude does really change, I’m constantly evolving, also, with the rate that technology advances you gotta be on the lookout for the latest and greatest.

It’s hard to get decent studio time, especially with a hectic DJ schedule. I think you just have to get better with managing your time and also make your production rate quicker cause you have less time. Sometimes this can work well, especially with deadlines etc. Other times it can just be annoying. You just have to make time.

DB: I heard that once you were doing music studies, then discontinued it. Now that you’ve come this far, what could you teach people, from your experience?

SZ: There’s definitely a lot of stuff to teach people. I guess back then when I was studying I just found it wasn’t always relevant to what I wanted to know!

DB: That’s the problem: a lot of music teachers probably aren’t working hard on the road smashing up clubs or doing rock tours. I’ve never met one that actually works.

SZ: Al I wanted to do was just get in a studio and make beats and tbh thats usually the best way to learn: by just doing it.

I think a lot of production is a self-taught thing where you develop your own techniques and ideas… which ultimately creates your own sound.

DB: Amen to that.

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