Static interview

Static is to deliver the atmospheric The Final Start ep on Flexout on Jan 7.

DB: Hi Static, what would you say that your mission was with D&B?

S: I think I have a few missions really, but the most important one I think for me is to just get better, learn new techniques and fine tune my sound. I love writing the more atmospheric sound of drum and bass but at the same time really enjoy making and listening to jazz and soul influenced tunes.

DB: The tunes sound as if there is a lot of thought behind them, could you talk us through?

S: ‘Bad For Me’ which is off The Final Start ep on Flexout Audio… it was made just after some difficult and bad news. To try and forget and reset my mind I started the track, I think I managed to capture that emotion well within the tune (listen at end).

‘The Final Start’ was made just after ‘Bad For Me’ and it was when I said to myself I am not getting knocked down by these problems and that this has to be the final start. I always just write what comes to mind at the time, so I guess the tunes I make are always going to be influenced by my thoughts and feelings at that point in time.

DB: Do you DJ out? How important is it to DJ if you produce, ie hearing the stuff loud and live, with an audience reacting/not reacting?

S: I do DJ out sometimes and I am always keen to play. It’s great to see reactions to your tunes and also listening to them loud on big systems is handy to spot any imperfections within the mixdowns but this is by no means essential as long as you test on different home systems, car stereos etc and you’re using good monitors… you can alway look at a spectrum analyser just to make sure things are hitting that sweet spot.

DB: So touching on that, what is your recording setup and history?

S: Around 7 years with Cubase, but only taking it seriously for 5 really. My studio is in a converted garage, it’s not to big but the acoustics are great and I’m able to have late night sessions in there without annoying anyone.

DB: Best scenario for producing, let it rip.

S: I am running Cubase and Reason but will be making the migration soon over to Logic. For monitors I have Alesis Mk2 actives, the sound card is a Edirol ua-101 and a Virus ti, and some great plugins.

DB: Your music makes me think of many timeless moments in D&B, so what are some within the music that you would’ve loved to have witnessed being put down, stuff like Calibre, Bukem, 4hero…

S: That’s a hard one to be honest as there has been so many inspirational tracks for me. Of course sitting in on the making of any Bukem’s tune would have been a blessing, same for 4hero, however I think the ones that stick out more would be LTJ Bukem ‘Return to Atlantis’, 4hero ‘Loveless’, but my all time favourite for me that never gets old is Rantoul ‘Default’

I would love to go back in time and be at the legendary Progression Sessions 6 night back in 2001: that mix never gets old no matter how many times you listen to it and I would have loved to have experienced it on the actual night.

DB: Regarding the new release I love the sleeve art.

S: Yes the art work is great, I’m really happy with it. The guy who created it is ‘Original Tone’ from D.O.P.E you can check out his work at

DB: Speaking of sleeve art, say you owned a music shop, what would it be like?

S: I would love to own a music shop, it would be amazing to have the money to set up an all in one shop for music, having a studio out the back and all your hardware needs at the front, along with second hand 12’s and a selection of new carefully selected tunes… although I think that would be hard as there are a lot of great tunes that are digital only now.

DB: As it’s just tipped into 2013 what’s on your mind?

S: I’m going to be working even harder in 2013 that’s for sure. There are a few bits due out next year, of course The Final Start ep which I’m very excited about, a track called ‘Sensibility’ on Advection Music.

On Phuzion I have two: one I did with MSDOS called ‘Hijacked’ and a solo one called ‘What You Find’. One on Offworld called ‘Waiting Around’, and two on Liquid Drops: ‘In The Night’ and ‘Muddy Waters’.

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