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As I usually do on my free time surfing around soundcloud and youtube investigating new sounds and artists I was lucky enough to stumble across a mix. This mix was 1 hour long and jam packed with heavy trap infected beats and machine gun 808 snares. I digged a little deeper , found out a little more about the young Mediterranean Coast producer Jose David Andreu – A.K.A Soniye Musick and had the pleasure of meeting him. We spoke about the direction of electronic music in Spain, Waka Flocka Flame, AK-47’s, Mad Decent and the music scene in his home town -Valencia, Spain. Which coincidentally is also my hometown.

1.Fried : So before we get to the serious stuff. How are you? What have you been up to and how’s 2012 been treating you?

SoniyeMuzick: Hey, before anything I would like to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to have an interview with this blog, I really like it. At this point I feel great, from the moment I started working on Soniye Musick, almost 5 months ago, so many great things have happened and I hope they keep on coming.

My 2012 has been awesome. But mostly I have been locked up in my room all day making songs like crazy. It was almost a year ago around this time when I started watching tutorials about Ableton and learning about production for the first time.

2.F : Being from such a small town like Valencia (Spain). What are some of your mayor influences. And Why?

SM:Personally, I think at this day and age, it doesn’t really matter where you are from. Everything I’m interested in comes from the Internet. Valencia is a relatively small city. Lets just say it’s pretty strange to hear new musical tendencies, so in a way Valencia hasn’t really nurtured me in terms of the music that I make.

My inspiration comes from anything that catches my attention but over all I have a big love for Latin music in general. Salsa, merengue, reggaeton, bachata. Latin music inspires me a lot in terms of musical structure and lyrics.

3.F : Your mix on Mix cloud is being heard by quite a lot of people. Can you let us know about your process of creating it and picking the tunes? How many of your original tunes are in there?

Thanks, to be honest when I made the mixtape I had no idea it would generate such a great reaction from people. The majority of the tunes were just sitting in my download folder, songs that I had recently heard and caught my attention. I just thought to myself – ‘What song would I love to hear to have a sick time to’ and simply started from there.

On the mix you can hear 4 of my original tracks that I produced recently. The dudes from Brrrrap gave me a chance to put them in there so it was a great opportunity to show everyone.

4.F : With the success of the mix it got the attention of major label Mad Decent. How did this happen? And Congratulations.

Well, thanks to friend I got in touch with the bloggers over at Mad Decent. A very nice and likeable guy that just heard my EP and loved it straight away so they wanted to put their imprint behind it. Soon it will be on blogs like Mad Decent and Tropical bass, hopefully by January.

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5.F : I love all of you artwork for your mix’s and tunes. Especially on your Mixcloud mix – A sea shell and a lobster, very traditional symbols of Valencia, next to a AK-47 – brilliant. Do you design your artwork yourself?

Yeah, apart from music my interest and passion lies in Design. Most of the designs for Soniye come from my ideas. In fact, the cover of the new mixtape is the only one that hasn’t been designed by me. Velckro b2s Blastoo put it together.

7.F : Personally I think that Lex Luger, Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane were the originators of this ‘Trap’ sound thats been hitting the dance floors so hard in 2012. Can you hear this sound being played at the clubs in Valencia?

Yes, Lex Luger has been a massive source of inspiration for me. In Valencia? (Laughs). If you mention those 3 names to most people in Valencia they will think your speaking in another language. I guess someone will know about them here but I haven’t really bumped into any. In clubs, no way, forget it. That kind of music will never fill up a club here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 18.38.15

8.F : I see. What do you think of the direction of electronic music in Valencia and Spain?

It’s a very touchy subject. Personally, I don’t think their is a big umbrella of genres to choose from. I guess people adapt with what ever is trending at the time. You can hear a lot of Skrillex and all the girls go crazy to Dubstep.

9.F : Are you a resident in any clubs down there?

Yeah, im playing monthly at a party called Motel 1953.

10.F : We will have to check that party out for sure. Which tunes have been playing constantly on your speakers this year?

Whao! I’ve heard so much music this yeah. This year during my sets I have played IDGAFOS, Undah Yuk Skirt, Masterpiece, Metele Con Pepa etc….always.

11.F : Sick. What can we expect from Soniye Muzick in 2013? Album? Ep?

Yeah can expect loads of things. New mixtape called ‘Glory Trap Bubbling’ coming about in January. I also hope to play in Madrid soon. To play somewhere out of Spain would be sick. More and more people are contacting me so all you promoters out there snap out of it and book me.

Well its been a real pleasure chatting  to you dude. We hope that you have a killer 2013 and we will be following your every move. To keep in touch with Soniye Muzick click the links below. Peace. 

Soniye Muzick Facebook

Soniye Muzick SoundCloud

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