My Moscow Track : Something Good (Van She Tech Remix)

A week in Moscow and tonight I got to push the boat out… Wow – I’ve never been driven sooo far on a night out or gone to so many places or seen so many amazing looking women… it was totally phat! Nice one to the Special K for getting me through!

This is my track of the night, we just kept pounding out the music in the car all the way… hope y’all enjoy!

From Russia with love!

ps. photo is by Kid Paparazzi and is CC

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  • Shame this photo isn’t from your private collection 😉

  • zsharing is way cooler, downloading is way too nineties 😉

  • Mate, completely forgot my camera… all photos are stored in my brain only, but this is a good reflection of the quality!

  • Yousendit is quicker than zShare? No need to sit through some tedious advert?