Shoot The Ghost interview

I spoke to Shoot The Ghost on the eve of ‘Demons’.

DB: This sounds really so natural, with a discernible sense of glee.

STG: I’ve been producing for a while now but Shoot The Ghost is a fairly new solo project. I’ve been listening to various forms of electronic music since as far as I can remember so I guess my music reflects that.

DB: Is ‘Demons’ a dark song or quite optimistic? Like kicking a habit that was more fun to get rid of than the actual habit… something like that.

STG: It’s definitely optimistic. I seem to have a habit of making music that sounds a bit dark but think that’s just how it comes out, which is cool. The song is about having the confidence to break through issues, it’s a positive vibe. I would think of less cheesy words but that’s basically the message!

DB: Where did the hookup with singer Kat come from? It feels like you’ve always known each other.

STG: I’ve been friends with Kat for a while now. Everyone in Nottingham involved in the music scene knows each other! We spoke for some time about working on a track together so when it happened it was pretty exciting. Kat has such a genuine passion for music it makes it really easy working together. Well, that and she has an amazing voice!

DB: What’s the local scene like?

STG: Well Nottingham isn’t very big but there’s a lot of talent. There are several smaller independent nights but for me it’s really about Stealth/Dollop in Notts. There are a lot of talented singer/songwriters too, Kat sings in a band called Harleighblu who have just released an album on Tru Thoughts, watch out for them!

DB: Is this geared for live work? Can imagine it should be done live! Minimal but really achievable I think, to be a valid ‘live’ thing.

STG: We’ve been speaking about it, I think it would work live.

DB: Tell us more about Purp & Soul.

STG: I feel really lucky to be working with them! Ben and Gemma have been really supportive and show such enthusiasm for new music. It’s really refreshing actually, a lot of labels seem to be going in the same direction but Purp & Soul are willing to go for something a bit different and it’s clearly paying off.

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