Shookz ‘Vicious Liberty’

Shookz is busy as ever, following an appearance on Hazard‘s Fabriclive album, he drops ‘Vicious Liberty’ on Advisory.

DB: Hey again Shookz, how did the linkup come about?

S: A few years ago myself, Devize and MC Spyda made a track called ‘Balaclava’. I think Sappo heard DJ Hype play it on his Kiss FM show. He got in touch with Devize asking about it. I made ‘Vicious Liberty’ when I was doing a mix CD with Devize for his ‘Valley Of Da Flyin Shadows’ series so I had some fresh music. Sappo hit me up about it!

DB: What other release info you got?

S: Here’s some forthcoming releases to look out for…
Shookz ‘The Greatest / Time & Space’ on Lighterworks
Devize & Shookz ‘Strange Planet / Nightmare’ on Lighterworks
Shookz & Theory ‘Calendar girl’ on Fokuz Recs
Shookz ‘Shut Up’ on Muzik Hertz
Devize & Shookz ‘Hostage on Pollution Records



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