Shilo presents.. We Make It Good Vol 6 mixed by Blaqstarr

Sounding like a psychedelic spaceship mixed with “There’s a Riot Goin On” era Sly Stone, our new We Make It Good mix is a sick, twisted, glimpse into the mouth of madness that is Blaqstarr. Crafted from the confines of his illustrious Baltimore bunker he’s created more of a radio broadcast than a mixtape. Odd pauses, stops, starts all hauntingly crooned over by a true maniac. If this is your first introduction to Baltimore’s finest be sure to check out the King Of Roq mixtape and his other releases on Diplo’s Mad Decent label. Guaranteed to take you “from the durdy to the air”!!!

Track list:

  • 1.  “War Of Roses” Blaqstarr ft. Jack Denning (BlaQJack)
  • 2.  “Moments of Love” Art Of Noise
  • 3.  “Billie Jean” Michael Jackson
  • 4.  “In The Groove” Blaqstarr ft. Rye Rye
  • 5.  “Rebels Hop” Bob Marley
  • 6.  “Just A Thought” Gnarls Barkley
  • 7.  “Lithium” Nirvana
  • 8.  “Dumb” Nirvana
  • 9.  “Fed Up” Madonna
  • 10. “Thieves In The Temple” Prince
  • 11. “Lick” Joi
  • 12. “Pourin’ Up” Pimp C
  • 13. “Let Me See It” UGK
  • 14. “ET” Outkast
  • 15. “Aquemeni” Outkast
  • 16. “As Much As You” Colin Munroe ft. Blaqstarr
  • 17. “The Turn” M.I.A. (produced by Blaqstarr)
  • 18. “Bang Hard” Blaqstarr

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