Sensai ‘Swallowed By Darkness’ interview

I caught up with the D&B/drumstep guru Sensai again on the eve of his Swallowed By Darkness ep, out soon on Foundation. He talked us through some of his new material.

DB: Sensai, what is new sir?

S: Hi! I’ve been working on tracks for my forthcoming EP. There’s the title track ‘Swallowed By Darkness’ The title comes from the black holes in the universe.

I came up with ‘Absolute Zero’ around the same time as ‘Bad Memory’, but I kind of held onto it until now.

I had already made a track called ‘Destruction’…

… and wanted something with a similar long bass but spookier and more complex, so I came up with the track ‘Volunteers’. I also felt like I needed a Jungle style track, so that’s how ‘Visual Attack’ came about.

DB: You’re busy! In general, how’s 2012 been for you?

S: It’s been very exciting. I’ve been Working on a lot of new things this year. I’ve been exploring new ideas and techniques: I want my sound to be even more enjoyable and easier to escape into.

DB: What release details you got?

S: ‘Swallowed By Darkness’ EP is scheduled for November 12th 2012 on Foundation Music.

DB: What sort of artists in the music do you check?

S: There’s so many right now, from artists like Majistrate, Guv, Sly & Pacso. Also Heist, and Jaydan.

DB: Could you name a favourite album that sticks with you in regard to production and vibe?

S: ‘Future Reference’ by John B is one. There’s so many great tracks on there & I think the mixture of sounds is arranged amazingly well. It’s a great record.
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