Seismix interview

I caught up with the ice-cold producer Seismix as ‘Code/Sincere’ drops on Violation Music and asked about the recent airplay it received on 1xtra…

S: The 1xtra play was pretty cool. Dimension played it on the xtra talent section on Crissy Criss’ show. I recently found out Technimatic have been playing the release along with a few other artists which was also pretty cool! ‘Sincere’ was recently featured in Technimatic’s fabriclive mix so was pretty stoked about that as you can imagine…

DB: So what is happening in your world, musically?

S: At the moment I’m mainly trying to lay down a few solid tracks to send out and maybe get some more support from the big names in the scene. I collab a fair bit with an artist called Cahb who I’ve had releases on DNBA with. But I’m mainly just focusing on my own sound at the moment.

DB: What sort of D&B floats your boat?

S: I think artists like Ruffhouse and Clarity are doing cool things at the moment. Personally I like to stick to a more traditional sound of D&B but I respect anyone trying new things and it may be something I’d like to experiment with in the future. I am personally more into my Enei and Emperor who I think are doing huge things in the scene at the moment.

DB: And what else influences you?

S: I mainly get influences from things I’m listening to at the time really. For this particular release I was influenced a lot by the likes of Octane & DLR and Dub Phizix.

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