Savage Rehab interview

DB: Hello Savage Rehab, this is is a fresh take and very much your own, so has it been a long time coming, this new ep?

SR: Thanks man! Yes it’s been about a year in the making since taking the concept to Bryan, the idea of giving us a chance to flex a selection of flavours. So we really wanted to make a package expressing where we’re coming from for V.

: Did you have loads of material to draw from to compile it?

SR: We’re always writing tunes, day in day out but the ones for this were pretty much set, it was ‘Keep You Close’ that Bryan took first & the rest were written from there. Each have their own little story!

DB: Where are you based? And what’s your story within the music?

SR: We’re from near a town called Bury St Edmunds, bang in the middle of nowhere & perfect for making lots & lots of bassy noises.

DB: I know it. Land of the Greene King.

SR: We’ve both been DJing since we were really young & what made us both decide to produce was a going to a local record store and not wanting to buy anything they had to offer, at all. So we decided it would be good idea to build our own beats, not for release, just something unique in our DJ sets & to plug some gaps in our record collections.

DB: That’s about the best inspirational story I’ve ever heard! So how did you come to the attention of V?

SR: We’d passed a party tune called ‘Viagra’ to the Ez Rollers & they’d been introing with it. Roni Size was on the same bill one night & wanted to know who made it, our mate Tronic was behind the decks & passed him a phone numbe, next thing Roni’s on the phone asking for tunes. He then let Bryan Gee know about us, so big up all concerned.

: That tune sounds pretty hard. So I hear the ep and I think of someone like Marky playing your stuff, or hearing it down Swerve or it being dropped in certain places in Latin America, NZ, all over, it has this universal ‘ease’ about it. Where can we hear it?

SR: We recently heard that LTJ Bukem has invested in having 4 of the 6 tracks cut to dubplate. We play all styles & we’re always trying to flex all good dance-friendly styles on the floor so we find ourselves in all manner of raves! From Planet V parties, to Propz & Rowneys nights up in Manchester & Jungle Jam up in Leeds, we either play back to back, or do one of our five deck B2B sets. We love playing for Oxygen in Italy, always throw a massive party & the hospitality is second to none, same goes for Bassline Assassins in Poland, Helsinki Jungle Mafia in Finland & Cheeky Monday in Amsterdam.

These are all great examples of how to keep your DJs happy! Check us out online for our schedule.

DB: And what’s in your box, what sort of tunes do you go for right now or does it vary for what works live?

SR: Definitely always have at least one eye on the crowd. There’s loads of favourites in the box right now: ‘Cringe’ by Explicit gets regular play as do the ‘Feel for You’ & ‘Spartan Law’ VIPs from Bladerunner, then there’s loads of Flat T’s bits we play, as there is from McLeod & Villem. We’re very lucky to be surrounded by some of the most talented producers around so we are fed tons of fresh beats of the highest quality.

Below is a jungle throw-down we did recently, music speaks!


DB: If you could be flies on wall for any studio session/sessions in history, which?

SR: Good question. There’s too many crucial moments in musical history to mention. It’d be great to see Quincy Jones putting it together, then Parliament’s studio back in the 70’s when they were on their mad tip, breaking sound barriers left right & centre & experimenting with all those early analog synths and working out how to rock them making ‘Mothership Connection’. Other than that just a 5 minute window in the small dark room where Ed Rush & Optical forged the beastly ‘Wormhole’ album, just to see what kind of other-realmly-darker-side-of-jupiter state they had got themselves in to stay on that level!

DB: Awesome! What’s release info?

SR: ‘360 Degree’ EP is out now. It’s ‘Desire/The Drums’ on 12″, with additional other tunes ‘Bloom/Borders/Keep You Close & Tigermoth ft Ella’ on Digital.


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